Conflicts of Interest

It is well known that there is a revolving door between big pharma and regulatory agencies. This is known as regulatory capture. This is a Reuters exec that is also on the board of Pfizer. Reuters is a fact checking media organziation putting out many studies in defense of the pharmaceutical industry. Scott Gottlieb is a former FDA chief that is now on the Pfizer board. Stephen Hahn is a former FDA commissioner that became the Chief Medical Officer of a venture firm that backs Moderna.

In Australia, Big Pharma donates millions of dollars to both Australian political parties every year. FactCheck.org, a major facebook fact checker, is funded by those that are major shareholders in pharmaceutical stocks and director of the CDC. Here is another example of facebook fact checker having clear bias. For people who think that it would be impossible to have widespread control of information, this eery video shows that it appears local news stations from around the country are reading from the same script.

Despite how heterdox this information is, I'm not one to believe in conspiracy theories with ease. I believe that most of this can be explained through financial incentives, dogmatic thinking, and pure run of the mill human incompetence. However, the "Great Reset" is a "conspiracy" theory that is really out in the open and not so much of a theory. This article describes the WEF (World Economic Forum) and their very open discussion of the Great Reset that COVID allows. To say that they directly caused the pandemic from a top down level of control is up for debate. What isn't up for debate is that the pandemic greatly furthers their agendas and many governments have vested interests in the pandemic continuing. So quite frankly whether or not they "orchestrated" it is irrelevant. They have no interest in ending the pandemic and may do whatever is in their power to continue it. The Rockefeller Foundation has had a long storied history of funding certain research projects in medicine, and more can be learned in the book by Lily E. Kay listed at the bottom of this page. This is certainly more conspiratorial, but it does raise suspicions. Many African leaders that were very anti covid measure have mysteriously died in the past year. Seems awfully convenient. Here we see the IMF chief discussing how "vaccination policy is economic policy". Implication being that vaccines are the only way that the economy will be allowed to open up again..

Besides conflicts of interest in media organizations and regulatory agencies, perhaps the most troubling is the conflicts of interest among scientists and medical professionals. This article goes back to the swine flu pandemic (that never was, see False Predictions), and shows the swine flu "experts" at the time and thier ties to big pharma. The influence of the pharmaceutical industry in medicine. This article published in Journal of Law and Medicine goes more in depth into the influence of the pharmaceutical industry in medicine. Here is another great article on the conflicts of interest in medicine from Childrens Health Defense.

While I personally don't have any opinions on the efficacy of certain drugs, such as ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine in treating any disease, it is suspicious that less expensive treatments and drugs are banned or not approved for treatement while treatments that can make pharmaceutical companies much more money are touted as the only solution. You can read more about the issue of ventilators and how they were possibly over-used due to the extra money they were bringing in for hospitals in Iatrogenesis. Towards the beginning of the pandemic, we saw that an ineffective drugs known as remdesivir was used extensively for COVID patients. Gilead own the drug and it costs $3,120 per U.S patient with private insurance. Meanwhile, at the same time, ivermectin is still not approved for treatment of COVID (even though it is used for humans in certain cases) and it only costs $1/day. Last year NY Governor Cuomo even outright banned the use of hydroxychloroquine in NY, another inexpensive drug. It should be noted that under the Emergency Usage Approval that Pfizer and various companies were granted for their vaccine, it is only allowed if there is no alternative treatments available that work, which means that it would be in their best interest to stop alternative treatments from being used and approved. This is another video on this subject.

Big pharma and its regulatory agencies have even been involved in criminal behavior for a long time. The most popular example that most people know is the Tuskegee experiment. But it goes beyond that. Pfizer has a long documented history of paying out criminal penalties. Multiple whistleblowers have come out testifying against the CDC. "We are a group of scientists at CDC that are very concerned about the current state of ethics at our agency. It appears that our mission is being influenced and shaped by outside parties and rogue interests. It seems that our mission and Congressional intent for our agency is being circumvented by some of our leaders. What concerns us most, is that it is becoming the norm and not the rare exception. Some senior management officials at CDC are clearly aware and even condone these behaviors." In 1996, Pfizer tested unapproved drugs on Nigerian kids. Here is another article on that issue. Here and here are more resources on the history of Pfizer and its criminality. This is an important article in the BMJ of another whistleblower talking about problems with data integrity with the Pfizer trials.

Here is evidence of payments to FDA advisors from big pharma after their drug is approved. This makes sense as one-third of new drugs had safety problems after FDA approval. Rick Perry, the former governor of Texas, has deep fiancial ties with HPV vaccine manufacturer, conveniently after mandating HPV vaccines for all Texan girls. This is more info on the fast tracking of Gardasil, which was hastily approved by the FDA and as a result didn't complete their long term safety trials.

Perhaps the most shocking fact that most people don't realize is that, ever since 1986, vaccine manufacturers are completely shielded from liability if their vaccines harm or kill anyone source. The PREP act enacted specifically with regards to COVID, grants further freedom from liability for any corporation that mandates vaccines due to government compulsion. This is potentially hearsay and I have not corroborated, (which is why I don't like using tweets for source if possible), but I thought this was groundbreaking if true (from Robert Malone)

Censorship and Heresy

The examples of censorship of any sources that speak out against vaccination are numerous. The justification is always the same, that no matter the veracity of the information, the public cannot know anything that will shake their beliefs in the vaccines as this would be a public health disaster. This is directly stated by the FDA in 1984 "any possible doubts, whether or not well founded, about the safety of the vaccine cannot be allowed to exist in view of the need to assure that the vaccine will continue to be used to the maximum extent consistent with the nation's public health objectives". It is this cult like loyalty to the dogma of vaccines and public health "for the greater good", that should make anyone question statements made by officials on "all the experts" agreeing and science being "settled". Censorship has only ramped up further in the past couple years, the WHO listing "vaccine hesitancy" as in the top 10 public health threats in 2019. Center for Countering Digital Hate and "Anti-Vax Watch" created a list of "Disinformation Dozen", essentially a de-facto terrorist list of people spreading "misinformation" in 2020. Before we continue, this is a funny video about this phenomenon, but while humorous summarizes the fallacy of "all experts agree" quite nicely, probably best summarized as survivorship bias.

Here is a paper on mycarditis adverse events associated with COVID vaccines. It was removed from publication. Facebook has removed 16 million pieces of health and science content since the beginning of the pandemic (remember who funds the facebook fact checkers?). YouTube censored a popular epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski for opposing lockdowns. In this interview with him, he states "They have the scientists on their side that depend on government funding. One scientist in Germany just got $500million from the government, because he always says what the government wants to hear. Scientists are in a very strange situation. They now depend on government funding, which is a trend that has developed over the past 40 years. Before that, when you were a professor at a university, you had your salary and you had your freedom. Now, the university gives you a desk and access to the library. And then you have to ask for government money and write grant applications. If you are known to criticise the government, what does that do to your chance of getting funded? It creates a huge conflict of interest. The people who are speaking out in Germany and Switzerland are all independent of government money because they are retired."

Peter Duesberg is a famous virologist who spoke against the HIV=AIDS hypothesis, and he talks about how his funding and grad students were removed for doing so. Robert Malone, a popular doctor and inventor of the mRNA technology used in the vaccines that now speaks against its use speaks about being labelled a terrorist in Italy for "advocating for early treatment of COVID-19". Here is another podcast with Robert Malone that got removed from youtube for "misinformation". John Ioannidis from Stanford University (and some other doctors in that video) speak about being censored. And of course, the most famous example in science of a scientist being censored by speaking about against dogma is Galileo

Vaccine scientist Martin Kulldorf of Harvard Medical School got suspended from Twitter and LinkedIn for questioning the usage of masks and vaccine mandates. The CDC also kicked him off the vaccine safety panel for questioning the decision to apuse the distribution of J&J vaccine, and even directly quoting the Iceland's top epidemiologist for stating that vaccination could not stop the virus. The German pathologists that conducted the autopsies on bodies after covid vaccination, discussed in Vaccines page were removed from youtube.

The popular article "Deadly Immunity", which ironically I will reference below to point out more conlicts of interest, was deleted by Salon and Rolling Stones source. There is discussion on WHY they were removed (hint: more conflicts of interest.

Some of the saddest stories are about people who have already been harmed by the vaccines. But what is even worse is that when these people get injured by the vaccine, their adverse events are not reported, they are gaslit that the vaccine are not causing their disease, they are labelled the heretical label of "anti-vaxxer", and over all, silenced. This father, who lost his 16 year old son to the vaccine, speaks about being censored by big tech and not allowed to share his story. Others that took place in the vaccine trials, including the Father referenced before, speak at an event in Washington DC at an expert panel. At 9:28 in the video a doctor speaks about how there are many people like him, but are afraid to speak up due to fear of cutting funding and general blackballing from the government, and scientific institution. NBA player Brandon Goodwin talks about how his season was ended because of the vaccine, and how he was told to be quiet about it, and even gaslighting that it was the vaccine at all. Jimmy Dore (also injured, previously pro-vax) here talks about how doctors are afraid of talking about these things or even reportin adverse events.

As I was going through my research, especially digging up older articles, I would frequently come across articles that were completely removed. Thankfully, web.archive allows us to see previous versions of these articles saved on the web. This retraction notice has a eery and dystopian wording to it I cannot shake. Here is the article that was removed. You can make your mind up on if this is "anti-vax" or "misinformation".

Some of the more scary quotes are from professionals that KNOW that what they are doing is either harmful or unsavory for the informed consent of patients. This is a presentation for physicians on "approaching the vaccine hesitant parent". It specifically guides physicians: "Don't plant on printing and giving [vaccine inserts] to parents" "Persuade rather than inform".

Dr. Sir Graham Wilson speaks on the inability of the mainstream medical establishment to report verified vaccine deaths "The woeful record I present of the accidents attendant on immunization and the ways in which they have arisen will not be complete. Far from it in fact. Even if I had had time to comb the whole of the relevant literature, I should still not have been in a position to give a complete record. This is mainly because a large number of accidents—I suspect the majority—have never been reported in print, either through fear of compensation claims, or of giving a weapon to the antivaccinationists, or for some other reason. Admittedly most of the larger accidents have been reported, but even with some of these attempts were made to keep knowledge of them from the public. Very few, however, of the sporadic accidents can have been published. The late Dr J. R. Hutchinson of the Ministry of Health collected records of fatal immunological accidents during the war years, and was kind enough to show them to me. I was frankly surprised, when I saw them, to learn of the large number of persons in the civil and military population that had died apparently as the result of attempted immunization against some disease or other. Yet only a very few of these were referred to in the medical journals. When one considers that Dr Hutchinson's record covered only four or five years, and was limited to Great Britain, and that in other countries—in Europe, Asia, Africa, America and Australia—probably much the same proportion of accidents was occurring; and further, that such accidents have probably been going on for the last sixty or seventy years, one realizes what a very small proportion can ever have been described in the medical literature of the world."

The CDC recently manipulated data to show that vaccine was favorable, safety wise, for pregnant women. It has more to do with lying with statistics and presenting the evidence in a certain way. See the "methodological tricks" section of Vaccines. Here we see data reporting problems with the Sputnik V vaccine that calls the results into question.

Dr. William Thompson is a whistleblower from the CDC that testified that he was ordered to destroy data that showed a link with vaccines and autism among kids at a certain age group. This is the article "Deadly Immunity" I references above, that was very popular by Robert F Kennedy Jr. It speaks about the fact that government officials and experts knew that vaccines were causing autism and spent much of the Simpsonwood Retreat discussing how they were concerned about lawsuits and protecting public health. Here is the transcript.

The claim that vaccines absolutely do not cause autism is further confounded by official court rulings that rule that a vaccine was causal in autism. This Italian court ruled that the Infanrix vaccine caused autism in a child. When GlaxoSmithKline was ordered by the Italian government to disclose trial data, it was found that "five cases of autism reported during the trials, but remained unlisted, ie omitted from the list of adverse effects submitted to the health authorities for marketing authorization". So they KNEW there were cases of autism that they WILLINGLY ommitted from the report. Here is the leaked document from GSK supplied to the Italian government. Holly's Law is the name of a law passed in a New Jersey county specifically allowing parents to show proof of antibody titre instead of getting a MMR vaccine, because of a girl named Holly who died from brain encephalopathy from getting the 2nd dose of the vaccine. The Vaccine Injury program has in fact paid out 83 cases of children who have had "brain damage" that are confirmed to have autism. But they weren't admitted to have their autism caused by the vaccine. Why is that? Fear of liability. This article describes more. "I purposely avoided mentioning 'autism' in the claim," says the attorney for a child diagnosed with brain damage and autism after her DTaP vaccination at 18 months. The lawsuit alleged only encephalopathy. "Using (the child's) autism diagnosis would have dragged out the lawsuit for years. The point wasn't to try to win the autism debate, it was to get this family the compensation they need to take care of their injured child." They promptly won a significant award.

It was only later that there would (quietly) be a court payout to a child whos autism was caused by the vaccine source. Here is an article describing these points in detail. Here is more on the CDC knowing it was exposing kids to dangerous levels of Mercury since 1999. Here are some salient excerpts from the simpsonwood retreat transcript. Here is one quote that proves that ethylmercury crosses the BBB (please refer to Mercury, Aluminum and Autism: "[ethylmercury] It is recognized to both cross placenta and the blood- brainbarrier." Here is a (now censored, further proving my point) report from the huffington post on the government conceding a vaccine induced autism case in federal court. This quote is pretty amazing from the recent decision to approve the vaccine for children. "Never going to learn how safe this vaccine is unless we start giving it". An admission that YOU are apart of the experimental trial.

Here is a discussion on how a Danish mask study, that showed data not supporting masking, was almost impossible to find a publisher. It was not until they changed the conclusion to still be pro-mask that it was able to be published. This shows a further bias of only being able to see "approved' science. These CDC scientists that believed that boosters were being recommended prematurely, left the CDC after Biden recommended boosters in spite of this. This again shows survivorship bias where only those that are "pro establishment science" are left to be the "experts". Here we can look at the panel that initially approved the vaccines, and one notable addition is Paul Offit, who is a known vaccine industry shill. Who knows the conflicts of interest the various other board members have. In fact even then, it appears to not matter because here, the CDC director just bypasses the committee and approves boosters regardless of the vote against it.

Here is an article in pubmed on the conflicts of interest with regards to autism and mercury. Here is an article on Merck's criminal behavior disclosing information on the MMR vaccine. Two scientists from Merck file claims against the company for falsifying mumps vaccine test data

This photo captures the fundamental problem with anti-anti-vaxxers. It's all cracking a couple eggs to make an omelette, until your son is one of the eggs. It's this kind of vitriol and shaming that these people throw towards anti-vaxxers, despite being very ignorant on the topic of vaccines but simply appealing to authority, that gets people damaged and killed. It amazes me that the pro vax propaganda has been so successful at convincing people that anti-vaxxers are uneducated and dumb when they typically have high education rates and are far more educated on the subject of vaccinations than even 99% of medical professionals. The largest decrease in hesitancy between January and May by education group was in those with a high school education or less. Hesitancy held constant in the most educated group (those with a Ph.D.); by May Ph.D.’s were the most hesitant group.. Here is an article from MIT about how covid skeptics, unfortunately, use sophisticated data and modelling to come to their conclusions. Here is the full study if you would like a read. If you are a fan of appealing to authority, here is a list of some doctors that are critical of vaccines source. Here is another article on how anti-vaxxers tend to be in highly educated areas and backgrounds. There are also sources there that show that in many areas, some of the least vaccinated groups are in fact medical professionals. Unforunately, most anti-vaxxers are largely forced into their position by experiencing, undeniably, first hand the damage and pain that vaccinations cause to themselves or to their loved ones.

This article discusses the CDC deliberately manipulating data to hide unfavorable conclusions of the varicella vaccines.

In this video at 55:45 we see the testimony of a vaccine injured family in France talking about how much contempt they were faced when talking about their injury, and inability to record it. Here, you can see how a mother speaking on her daughter that was paralyzed during the pfizer vaccine trial, who does not seem to have been included in the data on adverse events. The fact that injured people are not taken seriously and that they often are afraid to speak up, and further the inability of people to report adverse events should cast doubt on the veracity of official statistics on adverse events, not just with covid vaccines but with all historical vaccines.

Here we see that the UKHSA removed a previous publication of data and removed a completely accurate chart because it was considered potentially "misleading". More recently, Youtube has removed their dislike bar on some creators videos, a clear attempt to squash the recent large numbers of dislikes showing up on certain Biden and COVID related videos. Here we have a popular case of a doctor that died after the pfizer vaccine that was later claimed to have died of "natural causes". This was clearly not the case, as the autopsy reported that he died of thrombocytopenia, a common adverse event to the vaccines, and he had a "strong reaction" to the vaccine, dying 2 weeks later after being hospitalized only 3 days after the vaccine. More examples of the gaslighting they engage in to cover up vaccine dangers.

Here is a famous paper from Andrew Wakefield on vaccines links to Autism, and it was retracted due to claims of fabrication. The article discusses how they came to this conlucsion of fabrication and how it is clearly just a move of censorship. This is a sad video from Kyle Warner, a popular mountain biker youtuber, that speaks on all the vitriol and hate he was recieved since being open about his adverse reaction to the covid vaccine, and thoughts of suicide and losing friends. His reaction was myocarditis, and we see attempts from the mainstream to do damage control from the clear evidence of mycarditis with the covid vaccines by putting out this hilarious coping mechanism that it is extremely rare and no cause for concern. See COVID adverse reactions page for more info on mycarditis and the vaccines. And finally, we have a very brazen and blatant case of literally just fabricating data out of thin air to support big pharma, from an anesthestilogist that recieved funding from big pharma. He completely made of 21 studies over about 10 years.

Here is a brief list of less-than-savory behavior demonstrated by our titans of healthcare: Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson plead guilty to “misbranding with the intent to defraud or mislead” and paying “kickbacks to health care providers to induce them to prescribe their drugs,” resulting in fines of $2.3 billion in 2009 Justice Department announces largest health care fraud settlement in its history and $2.2 billion in 2013, respectively. J&J pays more than 22 billion to resolve criminal and civil investigations Pfizer settled another lawsuit for “manipulating studies” and “suppressing negative findings” just a few years later. Pfizer to pay 325 million in neurontin settlement Moderna has never developed an approved drug, Moderna has never developed an approved drug yet one of their board members was placed in charge of Operation Warp Speed. Trumps coronavirus vaccine czar says enough after sen warren says he should be fired for conflict This certainly is unrelated to the fact that they received the most federal vaccine research and development funding and have received over $6 billion from our government since the start of the pandemic. Which companies received the most covid vaccine R&D funding Gilead Sciences paid $97 million in fines, because it “illegally used a non-profit foundation as a conduit to pay the Medicare co-pays for its own drug.” Gilead Sciences agrees to pay 97 million to resolve alleged false claims act liability paying kickbacks In 2005, AstraZeneca’s drug Crestor was shown to be linked to a life-threatening muscle disease while the company withheld evidence of this and two dozen other effects from the public. source In 2012, GlaxoSmithKline paid $3 billion in fines, as it “failed to include certain safety data” relating to their drug, since labeled as connected to heart failure and attacks. source Thankfully, our public health guardians are in place to protect us from the greed and deceit of the pseudo private sector, right? Wrong. Enjoy another brief list: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) worked behind the scenes with company Biogen to alter previously conducted trials of their $56,000 per year Alzheimer’s treatment, and “by removing the subset of people for whom the drug didn’t work, they found a slight statistical effect in favor of the drug.” Even after doing this, an advisory committee voted 10–0 against approving the drug. The FDA approved the drug anyway, causing three committee members to resign. source In that case, the third-party advisors did the right thing. This is not always the case: a study by Science Magazine tracking 107 FDA advisors for four years found that 62 percent received money from related drug makers, with 25 percent receiving over $100,000 and 6 percent receiving over $1 million. It only takes a few corrupt advisors to fix a panel and feign medical consensus. source In 2017, it was revealed that the acting Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director for heart disease and stroke prevention had been secretly communicating with Coca-Cola, providing guidance on how “to influence world health authorities on sugar and beverage policy matters.” source


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the Employee batch that skipped testing per the TGA. Scroll to the bottom of the TGA site - search batches "FF0884, FA4598, FE3064, FA7338, FA7812, FC8736, FC3558". OCABR Reviewed. Limited batch quantity allocated for use in Pfizer Australia employee vaccination program They also had batches that were specifically sent to 'mental hospitals' and 'long-term adult care facilities' in Australia. Guess which batches had very high side effect reports, and which batches had next to zero.

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"I just contradicted somebody who was the Coronavirus Task Coordinator, Ashish Jha at The White House, and he wasn't happy about that and others weren't happy about that because you have to have this unified front. Because when you show in any sense that you're questioning it, it looks bad."

Offl ine: What is medicine’s 5 sigma Gene Therapy Woes

"The ensuing enquiry turned up more than 600 serious adverse events (including deaths) in other gene therapy clinical trials that were unreported, because they were deemed related to the trial procedure ("Failures of gene therapy", SiS 16). Gelsinger’s father sued the research team and subsequently settled out of court for an undisclosed amount."

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Section - "Scientific responses to my criticism"

Good Scientists, Bad Science? Clinging To A 'Dubious' Position Can Destroy A Career

"Human found that when centrifuged, adenosine triphosphate changed its activity. This meant that many experiments probing this crucial substance could be wrong. Did scientists laud Human for such an important discovery? On the contrary, he couldn’t even get the results published." "Perturbed both by his findings and by their negative reception, Human began to investigate the effects of other experimental techniques. He observed that for some enzymes only 20% to 30% recovery is recorded, and concluded: “So we know prima fade that the technique is changing them.” Yet he couldn’t get funding to do the control experiments he believed necessary to put such techniques as chromatography, biochemistry, or electrophoresis to the test."

Covid-19 Vaccine Provider Incentive program

Doctors getting paid per member vacccinated