Manufacturing a Pandemic

Covid19 PCR Test are Scientifically Meaningless
This is one of the best article primers on this topic. I will try to summarize as concisely as possible and add as much as I can.

Cycle Threshold

The cycle threshold is used in PCR testing to exponentially amplify a specific genetic sequence so that it can be detected. The problem starts when you run the test at too high of a cycle threshold. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, for which he won the nobel prize, said himself that if you run the cycles too high you can "find anything in anybody". He did not believe it should be used for diagnosis illness at all. Ironically, soon after he invented it, it was used for HIV diagnosis. Kary Mullis himself did not even believe that HIV caused AIDS at all, and was an outspoken critique of the HIV=AIDS theory. I would highly recommend to watch full interviews with Kary Mullis on HIV, they show a lot of parellels between the AIDS "epidemic" and the COVID "pandemic".

Also, Dr. Fauci himself (also instrumental in the AIDS epidemic), states here, says that cycles above "35" are not infectious at all. To pull a source from the Torsten Engelbrecht article above, the MIQE Guidelines for PCR test states that "Cq values greater than 40 are suspect because of the implied low efficiency and generally should not be reported". The WHO itself admits as of dec 14th that running cycles too high will result in false postives. Conveniently just in time for the rollout of the vaccines...

Here are some more sources from mainstream news outlets (some removed due to censorship) corroborating this issue source source

Regardless of how you feel on the issue of cycle thresholds, one thing is undeniable. Running cycles at a higher threshold will lead to more positive results.

It is well known that the cdc used 40 cycles throughout the pandemic source, and other countries followed with similar cycles. The significance of this is the number of "false positives". False positives is a bit of a misnomer, because it implies there is such thing as "true positives", in this case, which is only the case if the test had a gold standard to compare it to (more info in the article above). However, the point here is that the more you test, the more positive results you will get *regardless of whether anyone actual has the "virus" or not*. Here is even an example of a goat and papaya testing positive for covid

So as testing increases, one would expect an increase in case numbers. This also makes sense because the primers that they test for in the PCR test are actually found in the human genome along with other bacteria. When a person's cells are dying, they will release a significant amount of genetic information, some of which may be picked up by these tests.

An important thing to note is how covid DEATHS are also reported. Here is the CDC's document on how it reports covid deaths. A death merely needs to be "presumed" to have "contributed" to the death of the person in order for it to be counted as a covid death. Furthermore, all that would be required is a positive PCR test, regardless on if that was the ACTUAL cause of death or not. There are a flurry of sources that cooborate this idea. Here we have a great (also censored) article from the johns hopkins newsletter of an analysis pointing to the fact that our largest causers of death, such as typical chronic diseases like cancer, heart disease, etc. are simply being reclassified as covid. This is due to them being unexpectedly lower than previous years in place of covid deaths. This is a statistical analysis of the fact.

HereWe have a recent article from the Atlantic highlighting the fact that covid "hospitalizations", in reality, means that someone came into the hospital for reasons entirely unrelated to covid, were tested as every hospital admit is required to be testd, and then if they turn up positive from the fraudulent PCR test, they will be counted as a "covid hospitalization", even if they came in for a broken leg. Here is the same finding in the UK from a few months prior.Here is a famous case of a person in a bike accident being counted as a death due to covid. A man shot to death was counted as a covid death. "The ministry of health says that because under the WHO guidelines, anyone who dies while also having an acute COVID-19 infection, is recorded as part of a nations death tally, whatever the cause of death may be. Here is a story of a 99 year old man that tested NEGATIVE for covid 3 times and still was counted as a covid death. Here is a paper on an accidental fall being counted as a COVID death. Here is even an instance of a 26 year old that died and tested negative for COVID that was STILL counted as a COVID death.

Here is a video from a former death recording clerk explaining the problem further. Here a nurse describes here experience first hand with covid misclassifications. Here Senator Scott Jensen describes the change in covid death certificate classification at around 3:30, at the beginning stages of the pandemic. Here is a good article describing the problems with classification of deaths in florida. This is one of the best and most exhaustive articles I've read on the problem with COVID numbers. Just recently, Italy found that roughly 2.9% of its COVID deaths were in people with no comorbidities A similar report from the CDC said that only 6% had only covid, i.e. 94% had comorbidites. Here is a report on a hospital that was reported to have 794 cases when in reality it was 45

The bias for reporting deaths as covid deaths is immense. Here We see Dr. Deborah Birx explaining, if someone dies with covid-19 (a positive PCR test), they will be counted as a covid death. The IDHP director explains the same thing This article gives an excellent quote from the CDC showing their bias for favortism towards COVID: "Deaths due to COVID-19 may be misclassified as pneumonia or influenza deaths in the absence of positive test results, and pneumonia or influenza may appear on death certificates as a comorbid (when a person has two diseases at once) condition," the CDC's website says. "Additionally, COVID-19 symptoms can be similar to influenza-like illness, thus deaths may be misclassified as influenza." They do not mention the fact that all of these "confusions" apply in the reverse direction to covid as well, i.e., that symptoms of the flu may be mistaken as symptoms for covid.

On that topic, it should concern anyone that the numbers for the flu went down to near 0 in 2020, after the addition of a new test for Flu and Covid released under emergency use authorization in August 2020 Source

FEMA gives a financial incentive for people to label their loved ones death as covid with funeral assistance. Per the CARES Act, hospitals get 20% more funding or medicare patients that get put on a ventilator for covid, from the federal government. (As a side note, the treatment used for ventilation requires you to be given RESPIRATORY SUPPRESANT DRUGS such as ketamine, fentanyl, etc. source Here We see NYC records 3700 additional people that were presumed to have died from covid but never tested positive

To bring it back to what I alluded to earlier, here is the kicker. The CDC released a memo (that they since removed as well) after the release of the vaccine that specified cycle thresholds for sequencing that were LESS THAN 28. Remember that the cycles used for testing in the entirety of the pandemic were 40. This implies differences in testing between unvaccinated vs vaccinated peoples. Further, the definition of a "breakthrough" case presupposes that the vaccine works and that any case in spite of vaccination is unexpected and a "breakthrough". Clear bias here. In fact, there is official documentation from the Ireland health service that states that those that have been vaccinated DO NOT NEED TO BE TESTED. You can also find info in there, consistent with basically every other country including the US, that people are not to be counted as "vaccinated" until about 14-21 days after their last vaccination, meaning those that get sick or have adverse events after the vaccine within 14 days will be counted as a unvaccinated hospitalzation or covid case. Here is an example of a study where anyone vaccinated within 14 days is considered unvaccinated . Also see Shockingly, CDC now lists vaccinated deaths as unvaccinated. We can see in this Public Health Scotland report that they count unvaccinated within even 21 days of having the 1st dose.

Here is the source from CDC back in april (since removed) stating that "In the coming weeks, CDC will transition from monitoring all reported vaccine breakthrough cases to focus on identifying and investigating only vaccine breakthrough infections that result in hospitalization or death." So case numbers will be extremely deflated among vaccinated peoples since they will only be counted in hospitalizations. In fact, when we see data on "unvaccinated" cases, we have to have more specifics on exactly what "unvaccinated" means. Here we see a headline stating that 90% of covid cases and deaths were among unvaccinated residents. However, reading further it is really referring to "not fully vaccinated" patients. Does this mean that these were residents that had received one dose, two doses within 14 days, no dose, or even an unknown vaccination status? We don't know. Also, per CNN, it is likely if you got your vaccine anywhere that isn't your primary care providers office, it is likely that you might not even be counted as "vaccinated" in the official medical record. Here we see that, unlike in the past for flu and pneumonia, patient reported vaccination status will not be accepted, so they have to have records in the hospitals database. Here we see a study where vaccination status was estimated by "matching SARS-CoV-2 case surveillance and CAIR2 data on person-level identifiers using an algorithm with both deterministic and probabilistic passes". Fractured record keeping leaves Philly hopsitals unsure which patients are vaccinated

It does not take much of an imagination to see what is going on here. Anyone that has seen the guidelines around the country for travel and public venues knows the program. If you are vaccinated, you do not need to be tested and can come into a country or a venue. If you are unvaccinated, you will need to take a test or present a test in order to do so. This will OBVIOUSLY lead to an inflated case count (and death count) for unvaccinated vs vaccinated peoples, since the unvacccinated are the only people that need to be tested anymore. And while I do not have this as a written policy from a top down institution like the CDC, I would imagine in the US that it is common for local hospitals to test or not test exclusively based on vaccination status. If you come in to the hopsital and are vaccinated, they will not test you for covid as you are "immune", vs if you are unvaccinated. While this assumption is somewhat speculation, I would put significant money on this happening in many hospitals.

OSHA Covid-19 guidelines states that fully vaccinated people do not need to test, but unvaccinated people do. This is just one of many examples you can pull from the time period. Many only local levels. Los Angeles will require proof of a COVID-19 vaccine for indoor establishments. The LA vaccine mandate dicated that one either needed to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid-19 test. Policy to require vaccine reporting & weekly testing for unvaccinated staff. AIRLINES Airlines, travel groups ask Biden administration to drop Covid testing (for vaccinated passengers only) before international flights

And stay tuned, because now that the CDC is changing their EAU PCR test entirely after Dec 31, 2021, it is likely that we will see case numbers come down naturally as the test becomes less sensitive. Or maybe they make it more sensitive, and we have a prolonged pandemic. Who knows!? The fun continues in 2022...

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Placebo vaccine illusion demonstrated in Excel This shows that when one lags the reporting of vaccinated vs unvaccinated deaths by one week during a vaccine rollout, it will artificially show a spike in unvaccinated deaths in comparison to the vaccinated deaths. This is just because as the number of vaccinated increases each week, it will be using the previous week lower death count, which will show a lower death rate. On the flip side, in the unvaccinated, as the number of unvaccinated goes down, it will be using the larger death rate from the previous week.
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